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Hi Everyone:

    We're the BigStove team, a startup out of Seattle, Chicago and New York that's helping chefs get their start in the food industry.   

As everyone knows, owning a restaurant is extraordinarily challenging.   Most people don't know what they're getting into.    We think that there exists other ways besides for restaurants that can help support Chefs and Culinary Artisans who practice their craft to connect to their loyal fans and build a following.


- Want to find out if the market for your sweet and savory empanadas actually exists?   

- Maybe you're a chef at an existing restaurant and are thinking about trying to do a popup restaurant one day a week to try your hand at running the show?

- Are you a high end caterer who wants to market your services better or take advantage of downtime for your kitchen during the week?


Feel free to contact us to learn more, or sign up at BigStove.



Ash / (205) 538-CHEF  / @BigStove  /  facebook


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