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As an agent for American Culinary I'd like to share the following message with all of you

The reason for this message is to seek help in forwarding this message to your network of private investors.


I've been helping my father run his company and he is to the point of needing working capital to operate his business. I've been working diligently to set up many different aspects of his company, American Culinary Corporation. American Culinary Corporation owns the intellectual property of cookware brands WagnerWare, Griswold, WagnerWare's Magnalite, and Magnalite Professional (Mag-Pro). The intellectual property includes goodwill, tooling, metal formulas, sand casting patterns as well as permanent mold tooling. American Culinary Corporation is the most recent successor of the fathers of cookware: Wagner Mfg Co (Sidney, Ohio) and Griswold Mfg Co (Erie, PA).


United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO - Trademark - Search Marks "Wagner"
Trademark: Wagner
Registration No. 2749390
Serial Number : 76302921
International Class: 021 - Cookware, namely, sauce pans, dutch ovens, roasters, casseroles, fry pans, stockpots, fryers, skillets, sauce pan covers. FIRST USE: 20010200. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20010200


Yes, these are the brands your mother and grandmother used for many years. The same brands that have a long history of awards and appearances in media such as Martha Stewart and GoodHousekeeping.


Marketing the brands in the higher end market allows for attractive gross margins as well. So there is great potential to see a nice return on an investment. Our brands differentiate themselves in the market as their one some of the few left manufacturing in the United States of America. MADE IN USA.


American Culinary Corporation also owns the brand Griswold. This is not accurately reflected on the principle registry of the USPTO due to a possible error in filings by Kirtland and Ellis LLP. I can provide supporting federal district court documents which will support my claim. As the court documents override anything noted on the principal and supplemental registries.

I would really appreciate it if you can give me a call at 440.749.1847, if you can help me in obtaining working capital in any way.

I can send some photos of some of our products current products. Specifically, WagnerWare Magnalite Roasters and polished WagnerWare cast iron skillets as they are featured items.

Thank you for all your help.



Aaron Pike

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