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At the age of 13 I decided that I wanted to be a chef.... 6 yrs from then I am have my degree in culinary arts and working at a world renowned hotel. Since I was eligible to work I have been in and around the hospitality industry and truly enjoy the life. I love making a people smile and rub their tummies :) I am however very new to the culinary world and looking for some experience, even though I have a job my mind seems to be restless like I am still missing out on a lot, could it be that I am still very young and looking to get ahead quickly or am I really missing out. I'm a Commis Chef at Hilton Trinidad working the breakfast shift... I am looking to make a move... not sure if to stay there or find a place where I can explore the culinary world and learn so much more...

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u will feel restless cause in our line there's no end 2 learning
and i have 2 admit that one cannot go on widout learninu should work 4 sometime and study more, that will undoubtedly help you
u have to keep moving and travelling to know and learn more
u wanting 2 go ahead eagerly is acceptable ( i'm goin thru d same phase)
neways best of luk .... tc
thank you, it really brought some insight to it.. I stayed and moved to a different section within the kitchen, where I believe I really like garde mange.. so far I'm having alot of fun, so thank you again for the advice... thinking of visiting Hilton in Ecuador next year! :D

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