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Roasted Corn & Two Bean Salsa
This is a fresh tasting salsa that is bursting  with summer flavors.


8 - ears of fire roasted fresh summer corn
3-cans black beans
3- cans white navy beans
1- red onion diced
1- can sliced black olives
3- Jalapenos diced
4- cloves of garlic minced
2- red bell peppers diced
2- yellow bell peppers diced
1- cup of chopped cilantro
zest of 1 lime
3- limes juiced
2- lemons juiced
1/4- cup of xtra virgin olive oil
1/8- cup of vinegar ( rice, palm or sugar cane) if you don't have any of these whits wine vinagar will do.
1/2- cup of sweet thai chili sauce found in all grocery stores.


Shuck the corn remove all strands of silk brush with oil place  on the grill turn every 8 min or until some of the kernels turn dark brown or black. You can also roast in your oven under the broiler turning after every 8 min or so, just keep a eye on it some black is a good thing.
Mean while  drain & rinse the six cans of beans,
Drain your olives.
Chop the cilantro.
Chop onion
Dice peppers about the size of your pinky nail.
Chop garlic
Dice the jalapenos
Zest the limes & lemons
Juice the limes & lemons
In a blender add the oil,vinegar,lime, lemon juice , sweet chili sauce salt& pepper  to taste blend for about 1 min or less.
Ok after your corn cools somewhat it is time to cut the kernels off the cobb this done by using a sharp knife 1st cut the base off so you have a flat surface to stand the cobb on, you can do this on a plate or if you have a bundt cake pan it will be less messy . Slice from top to bottom with the knife slightly turned in.
 Im a large bowl gently mix all dry ingreidients  so not to mush the beans now add  the dressing and mx let sit a least 1 hour so flavors blend.
This salsa is  great as a side dish or a condiment on burgers dogs etc.
It will last a week in the fridge.
Serves about 20 as a side dish.

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