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Suzie the Foodie - Featured Food Blog and Interview with Founder

May 28th, 2009 - In this article, we will feature a very special food focused blog by one of our very own ChefCommons members, Suzie! She is the owner and creator of Suzie the Foodie Blog. We are honored by the wonderful opportunity to interview and learn more about her blog, her food interests, and much more! Please read on to learn more about her and her absolutely delightful blog!

ChefCommons: Tell us in a couple of lines a little bit about yourself (professional background and interests in food cooking emphasized)

Suzie: I am a completely self-taught cook and baker. When I finished university with my English and Creative Writing degree, I did not know of to boil an egg. I left Toronto to move to Ottawa and went from living with the comforts of home to being out of my element and left to fend for myself in the kitchen. It was either live on Prego and perogies the rest of my life of teach myself how to cook and bake.

ChefCommons: What led you to create your blog? What is your blog focused on and what are its goals?

Suzie: I have had various other blogs but in February had a health crisis and ended up living on my couch for a month, holding on for dear life. I had two thoughts running through my medicated brain. One was I want to go back to British Columbia. The other, I wish I had the strength to be in my kitchen and make food again. I am not in a position to go back to BC so when I finally felt better I returned to my kitchen and decided to share my adventures online.

My blog is about food and fun and learning. It is not about perfection, in fact I like to share my disasters too. I try and teach people in case there are others like me when I left school who know nothing about food but would like to.

Sadly, there are no books on food basics and so many of us have no knowledge of, for example, how to make the perfect baked potato.

ChefCommons: What have you learned from your blogging experience?

Suzie: That people like learning through other people's experiences. I have also found out that others, like myself, are visual learners. As a result, I try and take as many photographs as I can. My blog is very photo heavy because it just as important to see techniques as it is to hear and read about them.

ChefCommons: What is your favorite recipe? tell us more and why

Suzie: I am still searching for my favourite recipe. Sadly, nothing is ever good enough for me. I rarely make the same thing twice, to my husband's deep disappointment. I suppose if I had to choose one I would probably pick my version of Lebanese Baklawa that I made with rose water:

That recipe absolutely rocked, not too sweet. Those little flaky parcels that shattered in my teeth were so good I had to give most of them away to my neighbours because I knew I would eat them all.

ChefCommons: What are future directions for both yourself and your blog?

Suzie: It is my hope to become a professional food writer and photographer and turn my blog into a book with additional recipes and perhaps even some foodie poetry. I am also going to have advanced cooking and baking classes online for a fee with instructional videos for my cooking club.

Thanks Suzie for the interview and the chance to meet you. We invite all ChefCommons members and fans to check out Suzie's blog - "Learn how to make homemade food from scratch with my online tutorials. Playing with food is fun and food knowledge is empowering. Come learn with me."

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